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Ship of Heroes Trailer Lets You See Civilians and Cars

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Ship of Heroes Trailer Lets You See Civilians and Cars

You may remember that late last week, the Ship of Heroes site was updated with a blog post called "Civilians and Cars" and how the team was working with both to make the city feel alive while, at the same time, keeping the system drain on a player's PC down to a minimum. To show this off, the Ship of Heroes team has released a brand new trailer shot in-game.

In addition, the team detailed the most significant points inside the video including:

  • Immersion is a key element in any shown in this video have been created by the Heroic Games team, and they are specially structured to help enable the larger numbers of actors that make MMOs fulfilling to those who play them.  The NPCs integrate with the buildings, the rest of the environment, the FX, and the animations to be efficient in a multiplayer configuration.
  • From the art perspective, there is a lot to like in this video.  The day/night cycle allowed the devs to record the video with a warm color palette that is visible in-game at dawn and dusk, and also to deploy some very unique and futuristic cars.  It’s particularly great that 500 years from now we'll all drive <span m_-5368121896945217515gmail-gr_51="" m_-5368121896945217515gmail-gr-alert="" m_-5368121896945217515gmail-gr_spell="" m_-5368121896945217515gmail-gr_inline_cards="" m_-5368121896945217515gmail-gr_run_anim="" m_-5368121896945217515gmail-contextualspelling"="" id="m_-5368121896945217515gmail-51">anti-grav cars that won't get flat tires.

Look for the next video in the ongoing series to be focused on the day / night cycle.

Learn more on the Ship of Heroes site.


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