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Ship of Heroes Team Reveals the Restorative Nanites Powerset

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Ship of Heroes Team Reveals the Restorative Nanites Powerset

The Ship of Heroes team has pushed out a new video to reveal the Restorative Nanites Powerset. The Powerset is a healing and buffing series of abilities that are appropriate for primary support characters or as a secondary powerset for Devastators.

The primary effects of the powers are health regeneration, accuracy and damage buffs, and recharge rate buffs. The set is useful for both the player and his teammates, as many powers are AoE. This powerset can be combined with a large number of damage-dealing sets, and is useful in many different playstyles. Most players will choose to take only a fraction of the powers from each of their powersets, so Restorative Nanites characters will vary a great deal.

The animations and FX of the ten powers in the Restorative Nanites set are open to revision, since the powers are still early in development. The exact numerical values of effects will also be refined before launch. This is the first powerset we have shown with FX that are solely custom efforts work made specifically for Ship of Heroes, using PopcornFX. As such, they are compatible with a true MMORPG, rather than being designed for smaller games. This is the eighth powerset that Ship of Heroes has revealed so far, and the first powerset with FX that adjust to the lighting level, since the game has a day/night cycle.

Learn more on the Ship of Heroes site.


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