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Ship of Heroes Internal Footage & City Improvements

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Ship of Heroes Internal Footage & City Improvements

The Ship of Heroes team has published a new video featuring some internal footage "to show our devs how the main level is coming along". The video is narrated by the lead environmental artist with commentary on recent changes that include day/night cycle, road designs, streetlights and street signs. 

This from the SoH team:

  • Most videogame studios won't release unscripted internal videos.  The Ship of Heroes team has just released their first internal footage – it’s a progress report on upgrades to Apotheosis City – and they are looking for feedback to see if the community wants to see more of this kind of video.

  • Video 27 shows off a lot of new environmental features.  Highlights include the north end of the map with city hall, new road textures, street lights, lighted traffic signs, nighttime street lighting, new buildings, and many 3D changes on the rolling hills of the city.  

  • The SoH devs have posted in their forums about this video, pointing out that these sorts of videos are easier to make, and allow more resources to go to game development rather than to video production.  The noted transparency of the SoH team is on display, as they share meaningful information on the development process with their fans and listen to feedback.

  • All game development teams have internal videos – it’s a primary way that developers share information, show progress, and discuss problems or bugs.  The SoH devs have suggested that if this video passes muster with their community, they can show other internal footage relating to mission creation, and perhaps to character creation as well.  More polished videos – Ship of Heroes has 26 of them up on YouTube already -- will be produced either way, but probably at a reduced rate.

Read more on the Ship of Heroes site.


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