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Shattered Realm Game Mode Sends Players Through the Veil

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Shattered Realm Game Mode Sends Players Through the Veil

The latest Forgotten Gods preview has been posted on the Grim Dawn forum. This time, a new game mode is introduced called the Shattered Realm. When players take part, they are sent through the veil into a world beyond that is familiar...yet different and packed with increasingly difficult foes the further one explores.

Players will need to seek out an individual named Mazaan, the Keeper of Portals where he is located in the Conclave of the Three. He literally tears "through the fabric of reality [to] open the way to realms beyond".

The Shattered Realm may have infinite potential, but so do the dangers that await within. The deeper you delve, the more powerful your foes will be and the more Mutators you will have to contend with. But such risks do not come without compensation. Endure the challenges of the Shattered Realm and defeat the guardians that await at the end of one of its Shards and you can claim its rewards. Or proceed deeper still, to greater threats and even greater wealth.

Check out the full preview on the Grim Dawn forum.


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