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Shadows Over Hercopolis is the New 'Adventure RPG'

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Shadows Over Hercopolis is the New 'Adventure RPG'

You think SMITE is "just" a MOBA, don't you? Well, on Monday, think again when the Shadows of Hercopolis adventure RPG launches for PC. In this new cooperative team-based RPG-mode, players will find out that Loki has kidnapped King Hercules. The journey ultimately takes you to the frozen north to fight legendary monsters and to even confront Loki himself.

The Hercopolis Bundle is also on sale for 900 Gems and comes packed with limited skins, avatar, loading screen and musical theme. A Golden Key is also included that you can use to unlock a Limited Skin from the Gold Vault.

Check out the details on the SMITE site.


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