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Shadow Arena, Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Battle Royale Spin-Off Is Now Live On Steam

Free-to-Play Early Access, Though DLC Will Cost You

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Shadow Arena, Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Battle Royale Spin-Off Is Now Live On Steam

Pearl Abyss' battle royale arena game, Shadow Arena, has finally hit Steam Early Access. While the core experience is free-to-play, you can also unlock all of the heroes via a rather steeply priced paid DLC. The team released a trailer today to celebrate bringing the arena experience to Steam.

Shadow Arena's Early Access will bring back modes from the Open Beta, such as the AI and Normal modes, the new release also brings with it four new modes to fully explore. There are 10 heroes available to play as well, including a new hero, Venslar, which allows players to play either aggressively or on the defensive. 

The Heroes themselves can be purchased using silver or Gcoin, but you can also experience them for free in the weekly rotation. Six heroes will be available to play each rotation, giving you a chance to try them out before you purchase them. Shadow Arena is also offering DLC to instantly unlock all the heroes themselves, but the price is steep - $89.99 on Steam. Currently, the team is offerring it with a 20% discount, but that's still a high price for the heroes - $71.99.

Via the press release:

Early Access will also include Beta Seasons, where players’ results in ranked matches will be recorded so they can compete to achieve higher tiers and ranks. Top players will earn prizes such as special hero skins when the Beta Season ends. Pearl Abyss plans to support the competitive aspect of Shadow Arena through events and tournaments. More information about these events will be announced in the future. 

You can check out Shadow Arena on Steam today


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