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Shadow Arena Is Coming Next Month To Steam Early Access

Black Desert-inspired Battle Royal Hits May 21st

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Shadow Arena Is Coming Next Month To Steam Early Access

Shadow Arena, the battle royale pulled from the development of Pearl Abyss' MMORPG, Black Desert, is coming to Steam via early access this May. The battle royale will come to Steam on May 21st. 

Shadow Arena combines the combat from the incredibly popular MMORPG Black Desert with the battle royale genre, pitting players against each other till only one is left. Players will choose from a myria of classes that can find their roots in the MMORPG itself, raining steel and spells down on their opponents. NPCs will also dot the landscape, giving players the chance to level up throughout the fight. 

Shadow Arena will be free globally when it hits Steam Early Access next month, so players will be able to jump right into the action when the game hits. 

The team behind the battle royale released a new video to celebrate the announcement. You can also add Shadow Arena to your wishlist leading up to the May 21st Early Access launch. In case you missed it, we were able to interview Kwangsam-Kim, executive producer of Shadow Arena about the process of building the game from Black Desert's development. 


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