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Shadow Arena Brings New Hero And Match Mode To Battle Royale

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Shadow Arena Brings New Hero And Match Mode To Battle Royale

Pearl Abyss' battle royale, Shadow Arena, has brought a new hero for players to fight as in the arena, as well as a new mode.

The new playable hero class, Lahn, is a mid-ranged combatant that fights "using a Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword," according to the press release. The pendulum allows Lahn to keep enemies at a distance, controlling the space between them as she lines up her finishing move. 

Additionally, a new mode named Ancient Weapons has been added to Shadow Arena. According to Pearl Abyss:

Players can now create an Ancient Weapon channel, and In this mode, you will start with Laytenn's Power Core and Puturum's Power Core. Using Laytenn's Power Core will summon the Ancient Weapon Laytenn, and using Puturum’s Power Core will consume the item and summon the Ancient Weapon Puturum. The powerful ancient weapons will assist players in battle.

You can check out the patch notes to learn more about both the Anicent Weapons mode and Lahn, as well as check out the overview video of Lahn in action above.


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