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Seasons 12-14 Details Revealed in Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event

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Seasons 12-14 Details Revealed in Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event

The developers at Rare revealed some major changes coming to Sea of Thieves at its Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event earlier this week. The event laid out the studio’s plans for the year across Seasons 12, 13, and 14.

Season 12

Season 12 will add two new weapons in the double barrel pistol and throwing knife. New tools are coming, as well. The Scatter Shot can create small holes in enemy ships, the Bone Caller will summon skeletons to the player’s aid, and the Wind Caller is a versatile tool that allows players to blow wind into sails, knock enemies away, put out fires, and more.

Ziplines, which have been available in a more limited capacity, will also be expanded in Season 12 to more of the game’s map, allowing players new options for quick traversal.

Season 13

Season 13 will see the return of Captain Flameheart in a now permanent PvE world event. Players who defeat the Burning Blade can then join Flameheart’s crew, opening up a number of new activities.

Season 14

Season 14’s additions focus more on stealth and subterfuge. Players will be able to conceal themselves within treasure chests and use a Grapple Gun to traverse or sneak onto enemy ships.

A new weapon, the Blowdart, will also be introduced in Season 14. Traps are coming, too. These allow players to throw devices that can disrupt enemies on shore or even on their own ships.


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