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Seasonal Event | Winter Wonderland 2017

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Seasonal Event | Winter Wonderland 2017

It's live, folks, with new skins, goodies, fun and frivolity? What is it, you ask? Why, it's the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event running from today through January 2nd with Snow Brawl, new skins and old favorites. 

Take a stroll through the decked halls of Hanamura, King’s Row, and Black Forest, put your enemies on ice in not one, but two Mei-themed brawls, and unwrap all new holiday-themed loot including legendary skins like Casual Hanzo, Rime Sombra, Beachrat Junkrat, Snow Owl Ana, and more.

Stay frosty, heroes, and happy holidays from all of us at Blizzard! 



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