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Samhain 2017 Arrives with New Trailer & Much More

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Samhain 2017 Arrives with New Trailer & Much More

Secret World Legends players will be able to take part in this year's Halloween event. Samhain will be running from today through October 31st and comes packed with exclusive mounts, pets and costumes. In addition, players can take part in a themed public raid and new missions. It sounds like a great time for all!

Special Daily Login Rewards

In addition to daily login rewards, you receive additional special daily rewards for simply logging in during the Halloween event! The first reward is a FREE Geist Rider motorcycle mount!

Each day, you can claim additional rewards plus a Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern.  These Lanterns are locked by a mysterious force, but can be opened after emerging victorious from an hourly public raid in Agartha!

Each Lantern contains a spooky seasonal reward. Collect them all!

Learn more on the Secret World Legends site.


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