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Saga of Lucimia Shows Off Small Group Content In New Alpha Video

Also Shows Off Combat In New LiveStream Archive

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Saga of Lucimia Shows Off Small Group Content In New Alpha Video

Saga of Lucimia is approaching its next Alpha phase in its development, and the team a Stormhaven Studios took to Twitch earlier today to showcase some of the small group content in the MMORPG.

In the more than hour long video, the team takes you through some of the content in Saga of Lucimia with a small group-based content and combat the further away you get from towns and cities  in the MMORPG. The team is currently gearing up for its upcoming Closed Apha Stage Three slated to hit April 3rd, with pre-orders opening back up for interested players on March 18th.

While Saga of Lucimia can be played solo to an extent, it really thrives on being played as a group. You're able to create groups of up to 8 different players, and Tim breaks down on the stream archive that grouping can affect how quickly you gain levels and mastery. The more people you have in your group and are within a certain proximity, the faster you'll gain mastery.

"For every additional person in your group, there is a bonus to how quickly your  abilities progress in the mastery lines. So when you're by yourself, there is a baseline for how quickly your skills are progressing. And then the more people you have in your group, the faster you will gain skill points for those abilities, and your masteries will thus level up more quickly."

We recently had the chance to sit down with Tim Anderson and talk about building an MMO as a smaller studio and more. Stay tuned for that full interview early next week!


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