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Saga of Blood is Coming on September 27th to Age of Conan

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Saga of Blood is Coming on September 27th to Age of Conan

Funcom has announced that its next Age of Conan Saga Server (a limited time server) is coming on September 27th. Called Saga of Blood, the limited-time PvP ruleset server where players will create a brand new character, play through a Saga Quest and complete objectives to earn "exclusive cosmetics and high-level PvP gear". Players will also be able to try for a shot on the leaderboards and much more.

Saga of Blood features include:

  • The Saga Quest that provides specific progression benchmarks to reach
  • each week, the server level cap will increase. Week 1 will have a level cap of 18; 30 in week 2 and so forth
  • character progression "is greatly accelerated"
  • Leaderboards  will track the top 100 players "across various categories"
  • global community goals and rewards
  • portents and Raid Finder are disabled with the PvP Festival running each weekend
  • End-of-Saga Tournament

Check out the details on the Age of Conan site.

Thanks for the tip, Po_gg!


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