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RuneScape Takes First Steps in Login Lockout Restoration and Details the Restoration Phase

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RuneScape Takes First Steps in Login Lockout Restoration and Details the Restoration Phase

Over the past week, the team at Jagex has been diligently working towards restoring RuneScape accounts that are unable to login to the game. Executive Producer Ryan Ward addressed the community late last week, and let them know that restoration has begun.

In the video, which was posted alongside a detailed statement,  ModWarden states that the first step in restoration is the Account Integrity check, which they are in the process of currently. The second phase would be the restoration step, which would return accounts to their proper working order in earnest. The first accounts being tested, according to ModWarden, are accounts from the Jagex team themselves, as even some of the staff’s personal accounts were affected by the lockout.

Eventually players will also be tasked with taking stock of their own accounts, and making sure that everything that’s supposed to be there is there. The plan for the second phase, where players start looking into their own accounts, is slated for late next week.

In addition to the Login Lockout Restoration, Mod Warden and the team would like players to know that game updates are still on their way. Information on game updates will return March 22nd, though this is under the assumption that everything during the Account Integrity phase goes as planned. While we continue to track the progress of this issue, we hope that those affected will be able to get into their accounts soon. 


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