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RuneScape Adds City of Senntisten, First Quest For Both Desktop And Mobile Platforms

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RuneScape Adds City of Senntisten, First Quest For Both Desktop And Mobile Platforms

RuneScape launched the next instalment of its Elder Gods Story arc today, the City of Senntisten. This marks the first time since RuneScape released on mobile that the developer has released a major quest for both player bases. 

The quest itself is part of the year-long story being told in RuneScape, with the City of Senntisten bringing a new map, new rewards and more. The story, according to Jagex, sees players finally uncovering what is going on with Varrock's digsite and more.

"But be wary, adventurer - City of Senntisten represents your last chance to bolster your defences and weaken the Elder Gods before they launch a full assault on Gielinor, and danger lurks in every shadow. Will you be able to unite the gods of Gielinor and transform the city into the fortress it needs to be?"

RuneScape has launched on mobile as well this past week, bringing the venerable MMORPG to the palm of players' hands, complete with cross play and cross progression. City of Senntisten marks the first major update since the iOS and Android launches last week. 

You can check out the trailer in the embed above. For those looking at diving into the MMO's story, you'll need to be pretty high up in level for Slayer, Archaeology and Magic, as well have completed the Azzanadra's and Battle of the Monolith quests to begin. 


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