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Rune II & Its Epic Games Store Exclusivity Explained

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Rune II & Its Epic Games Store Exclusivity Explained

Human Head Co-Founder and Rune II Project Director Chris Rhinehart has taken to the airwaves to answer sixteen important questions about the game. The questions / concerns were gathered from around the internet after yesterday's announcement of the game's summer 2019 release. 

Rhinehart begins with the most burning question about why Rune II is an Epic Games Store exclusive release. The game will initially come out on EGS. While understanding that many may be upset by this decision, Rhinehart explains that this was the best decision for the game. After beta testing, the company realized it needed more time with the game and more finances. After "talking with a number of potential partners," the decision was made to go with Epic due to the long-standing relationship between the developers and Epic that had funded and produced the original Rune game.  The decision to go with Epic was not announced earlier as Human Head was under an NDA.

Everyone who preordered the game will receive all that was promised including soundtrack, in-game content. All who preordered the game prior to the publication of this particular video will also receive a second copy of the game to share. 

Those who choose to ask for a refund can do so with a "no questions asked policy" through June 5th. 


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