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RPG Sacred Fire Receives New Trailer Voiced By Witcher 3's Doug Cockle

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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RPG Sacred Fire Receives New Trailer Voiced By Witcher 3's Doug Cockle

Feast your eyes on a trailer for psychological RPG, Sacred Fire. This trailer, however, has something special up its sleeve in that it’s voiced by the Witcher himself: Doug Cockle.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sacred Fire, you take on the role of a refugee who’s hunted by Rome. You’ll have to build up willpower in order to dictate several story choices. It sounds like you’ll also use this willpower on the field of battle for battlefield tactics.

Sacred Fire is set to participate in Steam Next Fest 2021 on Wednesday, June 16. This is also when the first public demo will launch. The demo itself will include the first chapter of the story. This first chapter will play differently depending on your choice of male or female playable character. Story NPCs in this demo will feature Doug Cockle, Michelle Gonzo, and Ben Britton.

However, we can get a glimpse of the new trailer today. Sacred Fire is scheduled to hit Steam Early Access later this Fall. During Early Access, you’ll be able to play the first three acts of the game. The remaining two acts will be added for free post-launch. You can follow Sacred Fire on socials including: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube


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