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Rootin' Tootin' Trailer Celebrates WWO's Exit from Early Access

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Rootin' Tootin' Trailer Celebrates WWO's Exit from Early Access

Wild West Online is marking a seminal day in its development as it leaves Early Access behind in favor of full release. To celebrate the big day, the team has released a brand spankin' new trailer packed with all the rootin' tootin' action you can handle.

Major new features since the Early Access version include:

  • Faction Territorial War – Join one of two rival factions waging war to control the valuable resources of Willwood Country, then fight with fellow faction members to control towns and territories. In upcoming expansions these factions will also battle over mines, oil rigs and train depots.
  • Create A Posse Or Ride Solo – Choose to ride free with a gang of friends or alone, explore the expansive world, fight for the law or be a bandit, and participate in Public PVP events happening around the frontier.
  • Expanded PVE Quests – Embark on PVE quests given by NPCs in the world to gain experience points in order to learn new skills, unlock new gear, upgrade guns and customize characters and trusty steeds.
  • The Homestead Life – Or live a simpler life by buying a ranch, decorating it, farming the land, hunting wildlife, and using crafting skills to produce goods and alcohol for sale to town merchants and other players.

Learn more about the game by visiting the Wild West Online  site.

Will you be playin', pardner?


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