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Rise Online - The Spiritual Successor to Knight Online - Set to Release April 15th 2022

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Rise Online - The Spiritual Successor to Knight Online - Set to Release April 15th 2022

If you’ve ever played Knight Online, an old MMORPG developed by Mgame from nearly 2 decades ago, then you may be interested in Rise Online World, a new game that follows in the footsteps of Knight Online with some very big differences.

Rise Online World is a new MMORPG that is being developed by Roko Game Studios,  in coordination with Roco Finance, a GameFi company. That means that Rise Online World will have NFT’s. Currently there are several NFT’s currently available, mostly in the form of costumes, with some bonus properties, such as XP and attack bonuses. Other available NFT’s currently are pets and mounts, but according to a post from the team earlier this month, they plan to allow players to sell their characters, and even rent them out for a specified time.

For those interested in playing Rise Online World, the game intends to release as a free to play title. It is being developed for both Turkish and English speaking audiences. Players will be able to adventure in a large open world, take part in a vast storyline, choose their allegiance out of two different factions, customize their character with dozens of different options, and experience a familiar, click-to move, traditional MMORPG combat system. At launch you will be able to choose out of four classes, the Warrior, the Rogue, the Priest, or the Mage. Each class will be able to fulfill multiple roles depending on how you choose to build your character. Rise Online World will only be available on PC, and for those interested in taking part, you can hop over to the official page and make sure you meet the minimum system requirements to play.

Rise Online World began its Alpha 1 phase back in November of 2020, and has been in Closed Beta since October of 2021.  The team originally planned on a release by quarter 3 of 2021, but it has since been pushed to April of 2022. It doesn’t appear that there will be any further delays in the release of Rise Online World.


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