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Riot Adds New Non-Binary VALORANT Agent, Clove

Casey Bell Posted:
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Riot Adds New Non-Binary VALORANT Agent, Clove

Riot Games is adding its first non-binary agent to VALORANT with the introduction of the Controller, Clove.

Riot had the following to say on Clove's gender identity:

“When creating an agent, we strive to authentically represent a cast of diverse characters that reflect our global player base. This extends beyond just location and culture – Clove’s gender identity, along with their personality and unique gameplay style, is an equally important facet that has helped shape who they are as a Valorant agent.”

A “Scottish troublemaker” Clove is all about making mischief for their enemies, so much so that even killing them won’t necessarily stop them from making their impact felt on the match.

To start, Clove’s got a “reactive revive” which means they can use their ability “Not Dead Yet” to self-revive after being killed. There’s a catch, though. Clove must earn a kill or damaging assist before a timer runs out or they die.

Ruse allows Clove to view the battlefield from above and conjure clouds that obscure vision. And yes, they can do this while dead. Post-death smokes, anyone?

Clove’s next ability, Meddle, allows them to throw a “fragment of immortality essence” temporarily debuffing enemies caught inside its radius.

Clove can also use the life energy of slain enemies to boost their own performance. Clove’s ability “Pick-Me-Up” grants them increased agility and health when used on a slain enemy.

Clove releases today as part of VALORANT Episode 8 Act II.


Casey Bell

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