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Ring of Elysium - Ashen Eye Gamemode Official Gameplay Trailer

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Ring of Elysium - Ashen Eye Gamemode Official Gameplay Trailer

Ashen Eye is a new concept map for Ring of Elysium. It breaks the battle royale rules by eliminating a "shrinking map" scenario in favor of an erupting volcano. Players will be faced with toxic air and there will be no shrinking area to contend with. Instead, players will face the Ashen Eye that is constantly moving throughout the location.

Players will begin with a small amount of oxygen that is consumed when players are outside the Eye. Once it's gone, players will die from suffocation. Squads can scavenge oxygen by killing enemies and stay inside the Eye to survive and escape.

Once inside the safe zone, the player with the highest amount of oxygen will trigger the countdown for the rescue helicopter, which will also reveal their location to all other players in the match. In order to secure victory for themselves and their teammates, the player will have to remain in the safe zone and maintain the highest oxygen level until the rescue helicopter arrives to fly the player and their team to safety and a win. If the player is eliminated or moves out of the safe zone the rescue countdown will reset. The appearance of another player from an opposing team with a higher oxygen level will also reset the countdown and mark the new player’s location for everyone on the map. If a team eliminates all of the competition and remains the only team left alive they will automatically win the match.

Ashen Eye will launch with the Season 4 Adventurer Pass that launches on June 23rd.

Check out the video and then head to the Ring of Elysium Steam page to learn more.


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