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Resistance Update on Dec 5, Free Weekend From Dec 7-10

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 Resistance Update on Dec 5, Free Weekend From Dec 7-10

Ubisoft will be updating The Division on Tuesday, December 5th with the free content expansion called Resistance. There's a lot to like in Resistance including a new area of the map, new PVP and PVE game modes, alongside tweaks and bug fixes.

In Resistance, up to four Agents can team up to fight off Manhattan’s enemy factions, who have united to take down The Division with waves of attackers. Using cooperative tactics is strongly encouraged, as is using the resources dropped by enemies to set up defenses or extend the battlefield. The longer you can survive, the greater the rewards you’ll earn. The PVP Skirmish mode, meanwhile, pits two teams of four agents against each other in a competition to get the highest kill count in timed matches. And it’s not enough to just “down” an enemy player – you have to eliminate them to make it count.

In addition, players will find:

  • upgradeable gear
  • the ability to ramp up challenges and rewards for the Underground DLC
  • an overhaul to how players go Rogue in the Dark Zone
  • a new social zone called Camp Clinton

Lastly a free weekend to try out all of the expansions and game content will run from December 7-10, 2017 on all platforms. All progress will, of course, be saved.

Learn more on The Division blog.


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