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Relax And Check Out Iceland's Erupting Volcano With This EVE Online DJ Mix

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Relax And Check Out Iceland's Erupting Volcano With This EVE Online DJ Mix

EVE Online's developers are situated in Iceland, and right now in case you were unaware, there is a volcano technically erupting. Don't worry, it's been going for a while now. CCP Games, the developers behind the space-faring MMO are sharing some of their country's natural beauty with a new video giving some spectacular views of the volcano in action.

The volcano, known as Fagradalsfjall, has been erupting since late March, though some are wondering if it's at its end. The volcano isn't nearly as impactful as the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull back in 2010, which grounded air travel in parts of Europe thanks to the ash thrown into the air by the eruption. However, Fagradalsfjall provides some incredibly beautiful sights for any nature lover.

CCP is honing in on this in two videos this week, actually. The first celebrated the no downtime event which took place yesterday, seeing the EVE Online game servers stay up for more than 24 hours when normally they would go down for a few minutes each day. The video spoofs the need to siphon the power of the volcano to power the servers themselves, seeing community manager CCP Convict sacrificed to carry out the task.

Today's video picks right up where that one left off: a DJ Mix at the edge of the erupting volcano. The mix, provided by DJ CCP Fleebix, strings together about an hour's worth of EVE Online's ambient music while a drone captures some incredible shots of Fagradalsfjall in action. 

It's definitely something to watch if you like nature - or listen if you enjoy some nice ambient tunes. You can check out the video itself in the embed above.


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