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Redfall Drops Official Launch Trailer And PC Requirements Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

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Redfall Drops Official Launch Trailer And PC Requirements Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

Arkane's upcoming co-op shooter Redfall is fast approaching and the team released its latest trailer celebrating the launch next week. Additionally, we finally have full PC requirements for those looking to take on the Vampires on your fully tricked-out rigs.

Redfall itself is the latest from Dishonored studio Arkane, where players will team up to hunt down vampires that have overrun the eponymous town of Redfall. While it can also be played solo, Redfall is designed for four-player co-op with each of the cast of characters bringing something interesting to the fight. 

The launch trailer sets the tone for what players will expect to encounter when jumping into Redfall, with the cast of supernatural power-wielding characters putting down Vampires with a mix of the gunplay and the cool, mind-bending powers that Arkane games are known for.

Redfall's PC requirements might make some balk, however, though, and it doesn't quite give enough information to truly know exactly how well it will run on your PC. The recommended specs call some beefy specs, especially the ultra specs which require 32GB of RAM. That's an insane amount of RAM and well above what many PC players likely have on hand.  Additionally, we don't know exactly whether ultra spec is just for the ultra graphics setting, or if this is ultra at 4K. There's a lot left on the table here with these specs, but it's a starting point.

Redfall was revealed back in 2021 and has been one of the major first-party games to be developed since Microsoft acquired Bethesda that year. While the specs leave a lot of questions for PC players, we do know that the co-op shooter from Arkane will support Nvidia's DLSS 3. Redfall was delayed initially from its 2022 target alongside Starfield to help polish the title. 

As it stands now, the wait is almost over. Redfall launches next week on May 2nd, though for parts of the world it'll unlock early on May 1st at 8pm ET/5pm PT. You can check out the full global unlock times below. Redfall will be available on both Game Pass and for sale on console and PC via Steam


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