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PUBG Corp Announces Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover for PlayStation 4

Suzie Ford Posted:
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PUBG Corp Announces Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover for PlayStation 4

PUBG Corp has announced a a PlayStation 4 crossover collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn. The Horizon Zero Dawn team will be creating four skins for players to collect by participating in the game in a number of ways. The event runs from March 5th to April 5th.

Items are earned as follows:

  • The HZD Eclipse Mask is earned by playing ten games
  • The HZD top is earned simply for logging in
  • The HZD Kar98k can be unlocked for 8k BP
  • The HZD Pan can be earned by killing ten players with a crossbow 

When we first spoke with the development team of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrouds about adding Horizon Zero Dawn themed items, we instantly thought of the Eclipse. This secretive and militaristic cult fits perfectly in the PUBG universe; its members dress in intimidating ceremonial garb, intended to strike fear into the hearts of all who dare oppose them. Their warlike nature is displayed by their use of ejected bullet casings from ancient war machines, which they work into rosaries and other ornamental motifs, as well as their masks, which they use to hide their identities.

Learn more on the PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds site.


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