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Project ER is a New Siege Warfare MMORPG by Nexon

Steven Weber Posted:
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Project ER is a New Siege Warfare MMORPG by Nexon

Welcome to siege warfare all day, every day! In Nexon’s upcoming MMORPG, Project ER, players will be owning, attacking, and defending bases in a fast-paced, all-you-can ransack, siege warfare-for-everyone game. 

The latest trailer doesn’t really depict much of the siege warfare that players will be able to participate in, but according to Nexon Korea, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing, virtually nonstop. In a big change to the siege warfare formula, Nexon wants to popularize this kind of play, which was once only reserved for end-game and high-level players. In Project ER, Nexon aims to “lower the barrier” for base ownership, where anyone can take and hold a base. 

Siege warfare will essentially be the main end-game content, but another feature of the open, seamless-world of Project ER, is that players will be battling each other 24 hours a day, in real-time. This means that players should expect to always be on the assault, and be prepared to deal with what Nexon believes will be massive battles, when they least expect it. The trailer does not show off any gameplay, but some information can be gleaned from the teaser. For example, several characters that depict some of the traditional classes fantasy games are used to, are shown.

In one frame we see an armored sword and shield user, while another frame depicts an archer firing off a magical arrow. The final frame gives players a glance at a magic user, a heavy shield carrier, a bowman, and what looks like a dual wielder, which will certainly appeal to gamers enthralled by fantasy-style archetypes. Project ER players will be able to experience Project ER’s terrain and collision system which could change the entire strategy, whether you’re attacking or defending a base.


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