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Profane Posts Progress Update Video - Plus What's in Store for 2021

Steven Weber Posted:
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Profane Posts Progress Update Video - Plus What's in Store for 2021

Described as a true sandbox MMORPG, Profane is a game that has unbridled ambition when it comes to the breadth of its features. Hot on the heels of their updated 2021 Roadmap, Brazilian developer Insane released a video detailing the pace of their progress on several features in a developer progress compilation of May and June’s accomplishments.

Making a game takes a lot of time, and not all updates are as sexy as large-scale battles or innovative features. In Profane’s latest update, new models, animations, and effects are shown as the main point of progress over the past couple months. The video starts with some character creation options, and ends with a demonstration of day, night, and weather effects.

If the lack of gameplay in the video worries you, don’t fret too much, as the Profane team is actually on track with their latest Roadmap, that was updated earlier this month. The roadmap depicts character customization, the climate system, the world regions system, and the seasons system as their primary focus over the course of April and May, along with a number of backend features, such as adaptive tooltip assignments and real-time movement balance that are not particularly show-worthy, as they are primarily internal tools.

Part 1 of the Roadmap will come to a close at the end of August, with a series of features initially planned for Part 1, move to Part 2, like player account integration, skills, and items. The Roadmap shows a lot of what's coming to the game later in 2021, including what state of progress each feature is in, at the time of the Roadmap release.

Profane has been in development back in 2015, and began its Pre-Alpha in March of 2018, which launched in Brazil. Players could gain access to the Pre-Alpha with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack. In September of 2019, Pre-Alpha came to a close, and Alpha development began. Currently, testing for the Alpha version of Profane is expected some time in 2021. Founder’s Packs are no longer on sale for the game, and there is not estimated time as to when testing, or Founders Packs will one again become available.

Monetization plans, at least throughout the Alpha process, is to run the game as a Buy to Play game, via the Founder’s Packs. Once in beta, Insane plans to run the game via a free-to-play model, with an item shop focused around cosmetics. Profane is planning their initial release for Windows PC’s, with an eye on other platforms post-launch.


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