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Pre-Alpha Equipment & Inventory Exploration

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Pre-Alpha Equipment & Inventory Exploration

The Chronicles of Elyria site has been updated with a progress report showcasing what the team has been up to over the last several weeks. Of notable interest is the fleshing out of the Equipment and Inventory systems.

The first iteration of the inventory UI is in and functioning! While this is not the final UI (anyone who has ever followed an MMO prior to launch knows that UI gets iterated a few times along the way, and we're no different) it satisfies our current needs. Namely, to test and evaluate our inventory management system. This includes:

  • Limits to container weight and volume
  • Distributing items between multiple bags or containers
  • Visualization of available capacity
  • Representation of individual items in inventory

Check out the video and then head over to the Chronicles of Elyria forum to read the rest of the blog.


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