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Pre-Alpha 5 Live! for April + an In-Depth Look at City Building

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Pre-Alpha 5 Live! for April + an In-Depth Look at City Building

Crowfall Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman are on hand for a new video to talk about Pre-Alpha 5 and what players can expect to find in it. In addition, they spotlight "Patch Notes from the Future" as well as provide insight into the most recent bug fixes and what players might look forward to in v5.6.

Check out the video for:

  • A massive update to (and simplification of) the skill tree.
  • Pathfinding!
  • Wood-Elf male and High-Elf male.
  • Fae and her double-jump and glide!
  • Vassal system for the Eternal Kingdoms.
  • Meat tartare.
  • Short swords and Sickles!

In addition, the pair fielded several questions from the community, so it's a great chance to get first-hand information about Crowfall.

You can also check out the Crowfall site to learn more about multiplayer city building in the latest in-depth developer blog post.

This is a significant step forward in the development of Crowfall as it marks the first time we’re opening up the ability for players to collaborate to build cities, castles and markets. The underpinnings of this system will also allow us to support the more dynamic Campaign types (i.e. worlds like the Dregs that allow for free placement of buildings and defenses in strongholds).

This first version of the Vassal system allows a hierarchy of administrative permissions for Eternal Kingdoms, allowing guilds and friend groups to start building their own cities, towns, and markets. The interface is still coming – but if you can handle a few slash commands, we’d love to have your help trying out these new systems and giving us your feedback.


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