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Population Zero Shares Launch Trailer Ahead of May 5 Launch

Plus blog post covers off PvE and PvP

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Population Zero Shares Launch Trailer Ahead of May 5 Launch

Population Zero has shared its launch trailer as it steams (get it?) towards launch on May 5 on Steam.

The trailer features an original song by indie pop artist, Naadia, called Movement. And in case you missed it, a recent blog covered off PvE and PvP modes. At launch, servers for both types will be available. Do note, when you first start a seven-day cycle, you’re going to be thrust into the Standard PvE mode. You’ll eventually unlock PvP servers through progressing your account after you’ve spent a few hours in the game.

If all you care about is PvE, this mode is meant to teach you mechanics and the fundamentals of the game. In fact, you’ll start your first instance in a training dungeon to acclimate yourself with movement, platforming, and combat.

Remember, the game is set to launch for $29.99 plus a 17% discount during its first week of sale. Be sure to catch the launch trailer above as the team gears up for its May 5 launch.


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