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Population Zero Releases New Video Showcasing Its Combat System

Highlights both PvP and PvE Combat

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Population Zero Releases New Video Showcasing Its Combat System

Population Zero's development is trucking along, and the team behind the upcoming survival MMO released a new video showcasing its combat.  In the video, the Enplex showcases the mechanics used in combat for both PvE and PvP players eager to learn more. 

For PvE players, adventurers be able to string together combos, using swords, spears and more. If you're able to take down your enemies, you'll be able to get valuable resources.

Once you reach account level 1, players can unlock standard PvP mode. This is the 7-day cycle allows players to take on each other in a no-holds barred game mode of survival of the fittest. 

Via the press release:

"Multiple consecutive deaths increase mutation level which eventually transforms the character into an overpowered creature called the Void. In PvE modes entering the Void finishes the 7-day cycle, but in PvP it is a new beginning. The players that turned into the Void get a new set of skills and a new objective - exterminate all colonists. Despite having enormous strength and agility, the Void get only a single life."

Once mutated you can team up with other players to take revenge on those who killed them - but equally colonists can group up to take down the giant Void beings. It sounds like it should make for an interested "hunter becomes the hunted, situation."


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