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Playable Black Bolt Arrives in MHO

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Playable Black Bolt Arrives in MHO

To celebrate ABC's Marvel's Inhumans, Gazillion Entertainment has announced that a playable version of Black Bolt will arrive "to make some noise" in Marvel Heroes Omega. 

Anyone who’s ever said, “Words can never hurt me,” has never met Black Bolt, and his Ultimate ability demonstrates this with tremendously destructive results. “His Ultimate is called ‘Royal Decree,’ and it’s quite a thing to behold,” says Gilbert. “Black Bolt unleashes the full potential of his voice in a reality-rending yell that instantly vaporizes non-boss enemies and decimates everything else. Black Bolt is a unique blend of a ranged energy blaster and a mobile scrapper—with spectacular visuals fit for a king!”

Check out the Marvel Heroes Omega site to see his series-inspired and classic costumes.


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