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PlanetSide 2's Shattered Warpgate's Final Chapter Is Now Live On PC Till June 30th

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PlanetSide 2's Shattered Warpgate's Final Chapter Is Now Live On PC Till June 30th

Rogue Planet Games has released the final chapter of PlanetSide 2's The Shattered Warpgate campaign on PC today. The final chapter sees new gameplay elements added with the chapter itself ending on June 30th.

The Shattered Warpgate's final chapter sees players tackle new Containment Sites, a facility that, according to Rogue Planet Games, will bring new gameplay experiences to the MMOFPS. Containment sites are massive underground structures providing multiple stages and areas for players to fight for the facility. Vehicle combat itself is "emphasized outside of the facility" as the containment site has multuple weakpoints that need to be destroyed in order to even get access to them.

"With the last chapter of our campaign, the roaming energy storm on Esamir has dissipated, now controlled by the new "Containment Sites" that have been constructed. These massive underground facilities bring with them new challenges and gameplay never before seen in PlanetSide 2."

PlanetSide 2's developers hint that the facility brings new gameplay elements to the MMOFPS, including an electical room  that activates when the facility is being defended, as well as providing alternate routes to infiltrate the facility proper with vents. Additionally, the Upper Leven Spawn Control Unit can be destroyed, preventing those defending the facility from being able to quickly respawn and join the action once again - a key target when assaulting the containment site.

While Rogue Planet says that the chapter itself will end on June 30th, the containment sites are here to stay for now, meaning if you miss out on the story, these sites will still be an integral part of the player war raging on Auraxis. This is all part of the overall Shattered Warpgate campaign that initially launched last October. You can check out a detailed look at the different levels of the containment sites on the official blog post for the update. 


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