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Phantom Abyss Launches Its 1.0 Update with a New Trailer

Casey Bell Posted:
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Phantom Abyss Launches Its 1.0 Update with a New Trailer

After over two years in Early Access, Phantom Abyss has finally launched with its 1.0 update.

The game’s launch update expands Phantom Abyss from offering a single temple with multiple tombs to plunder to a new overhauled Adventure Mode with multiple temples to choose from, each with their own specific whip, relic, and challenges to go with it.

Classic mode has also been overhauled. Now called Abyss mode, the developers suggest this is the true Phantom Abyss experience. Players will need to progress through all four of the game’s areas (Ruins, Caverns, Inferno, and Rift) with an extra challenge added to each floor. A single relic is located at the end of the Rift and only one person can beat each procedurally generated temple. The developer promises this mode has many relics to find, with each relic hidden in increasingly difficult temples.

Whips have also been overhauled in 1.0, with the most notable change being the removal of curses from whips. Whips are now unlocked by playing adventure mode and players can acquire skins for them via opt-in challenges.

There’s plenty more in the update, too. Pick up Phantom Abyss out now on Steam and Xbox Series X|S.


Casey Bell