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Perfect New World Celebrates Halloween with a Weird Clown Video

It's a Perfect Clown World

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Perfect New World Celebrates Halloween with a Weird Clown Video

There’s something to be said about this time of year. Developers put a lot of effort into some creepy content, in game events, and in the case of Perfect New World’s recently released Halloween teaser, some wacky videos.

Perfect New World by Ironcore Studios has been making a lot of waves lately with their constant stream of gameplay videos. The fantasy MMO based on the Perfect World series looks gorgeous with some high-flying fast-paced combat. However, the developers at Ironcore Games have also shown that they are fans of Halloween, with the release of a not-so-spooky-but-definitely-weird clown-laden video celebrating the spooky holiday.

In the video, a group of adventurers are chased by a creepy clown, before they inevitably decide to attack it (as often happens to clowns). During the battle several of the clown’s abilities are showcased, and it appears that players should expect to face this enemy at some point. The video  continues on much like a play, with the player characters eventually berating the clown, going so far as to mock his moveset. (Not that the clown doesn’t deserve it but, hey, clowns are gonna clown).

Wacky clown-combat aside, Perfect New World is heading into their next phase of testing called the Equilibrious test. If you want to help Ironcore Games test the new features for Perfect New World or if you’re just a lover of clown-bashing, you can head over to the official website and sign up. You can also try playing their “Spin to Win” mini-game to earn your test key. To learn more about the Equilibrious test, check out some of our previous coverage.

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