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Path of Exile: Expedition Announced, Coming July 23rd To PC

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Path of Exile: Expedition Announced, Coming July 23rd To PC

Path of Exile's next expansion has been revealed. Called Expedition, the ARPG brings with it new gameplay, NPC traders, base item types and more.

Path of Exile Expedition will see players join the Kalguuran expedition, seeing players needing to excavate relics - and the occasional undead - in order to "strike a deal" with the new merchants in Wraeclast, according to the reveal trailer.

Players will effectively plant explosives in the ground, setting off the charges to release whatever might be hiding underneath. Undead monsters, lost relics and more will be waiting for players once the charges go off, and the rewards bartered with the four new NPC traders in Expedition will bring players new gems and even new base item types, including the new attribute: Ward. 

Path of Exile Expedition also sees 19 new support and skill gems brought to Wraeclast, with the trailer itself showing off a few of the skills in action, such as the area-of-effect skill, Spectral Helix or the explosive...erm...Explosive Concoction. Expedition also brings with it massive balance changes, as well as a rework of the flask system itself. Players will also uncover logbooks which can be crafted to increase the danger - but also the level of the reward you'll receive. 

You can check out the official Path of Exile: Expedition trailer in the embed above. If you'd like to see the full reveal on Twitch, we've added it as an embed below. 


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