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Path of Exile Drops A New Trailer For Path of Exile 2, As Well As Give Extensive Look At Gameplay

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Path of Exile Drops A New Trailer For Path of Exile 2, As Well As Give Extensive Look At Gameplay

In a new stream today, Grinding Gear Games gave a showcase of the work it's made on the upcoming sequel to its award-winning ARPG, Path of Exile 2. First shown off at Exilecon in 2019, this new trailer and gameplay reveal gives player more of an idea of what to expect when the sequel drops next year.

The trailer itself shows off gameplay, giving glimpses at the updated graphics and locations coming in Path of Exile 2. The gameplay offers a glimpse at some of the weapons used in PoE 2, such as crossbows and a new spear weapon class. The ARPG looks good, the new environments popping with detail. Animations also look smooth compared to Path of Exile, showing the evolution of the engine from the current ARPG.

The Path of Exile 2 gameplay showcases some of Act 2 which takes place int eh Vastiri Desert. Players will be chasing a caravan, but there are large, ancient gates blocking the way for your caravan to get through. GGG is doing a ton of new things with the environment and surroundings, such as ensuring that "clear evidence" of your battles scar the landscape, such as in the form of burning, charred corpses of the fallen enemies around you. 

The nearly twenty-minute long gameplay video showcases the spear and crossbow in full, giving a glimpse into combat with each. Skills like Storm Spear, which fires a lightning projectile that splits on impact, or using the crossbow's Permafrost bolts to freeze enemies in place are just some of the arsenal available to players. 

We had the chance to go hands on with Path of Exile 2 when it was first announced at Exilecon back in 2019. We came away impressed by what we saw in Act 1, especially knowing that everything from PoE 1 would also be available to play with 2, as well as the two having a shared endgame. Path of Exile 2 won't be out this year, but you can check out the full gameplay walkthrough below to help get you ready for the sequel when it does hit sometime in 2022.


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