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Path of Exile 3.15 Receives Teaser and Date

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Path of Exile 3.15 Receives Teaser and Date

Expansion 3.15 for Path of Exile received a small teaser recently, with a larger live stream reveal set to take place later this month. Read on for all the details.

The live stream is scheduled for 1p PDT on July 15 over on their official Twitch channel. Expect to see some reveal of new content in addition to a Q&A with ZiggyD and Chris Wilson. This newest expansion is expected to release on July 23on PC with consoles following on July 28 and will be free just as with previous expansions.

In preparation for the 3.15 expansion, Grinding Gear Games has released some patch notes bringing several improvements and optimizations to Path of Exile’s engine. Expect this patch 3.14.3 to release sometime this week with changes and improvements to the engine in addition to bringing several general gameplay improvements.

For example, some and technical changes in this patch include:

  • In addition to the internal engine improvements in this patch, there are some technical changes for you to be aware of.
  • We have replaced the old Performance Metrics graphs with new onesthat show a lot more information. We now graph several different metrics on the same graph and have bars that show relative load on different systems (CPU, GPU, System Memory, VRAM, Drive, Shader Compilation, Latency and the Instance Server). If one of these bars is maxing out, then that's the current bottleneck that you should consider upgrading. If critical issues such as insufficient VRAM are noticed, then the display will alert you to this.
  • If you are encountering performance issues and want to make a video of it to show us then please have the Performance Metrics graphs on, as they have lots of information about what is bottlenecking your performance.
  • If the Shaders bar alerts you about shader loading/saving being critically slow, consider changing what the drive that shader cache is stored on to a faster one. In the [GENERAL] section of the settings file, you can set cache_directory=x:\path\to\preferred\location to a folder on a faster drive.

Check out the full patch notes here. Earlier this year, Grinding Gear Games hosted a Q&A revolving around game mechanics, in addition to adding a Clear Cache button.


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