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Pantheon Rise of the Fallen's Latest Video Talks 2022 In Review, Pre-Alpha Plans

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Pantheon Rise of the Fallen's Latest Video Talks 2022 In Review, Pre-Alpha Plans

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is looking back on 2022 while we're still in November, giving a retrospective on the year that still currently is. However, the team is looking at all they've done this year in a new video, as well as touching on the subject of pre-alpha.

The video truly is a year review, where the developers talk about what they've worked on, from integrating new artists into the team, making the darkness more immersive in-game, and even touches on both the timing of a stream with content creator CohhCarnage and the pre-alpha tests for Pantheon. Chris "Joppa" Perkins, when discussing the co-stream, talked about how the team wants to ensure that the MMO is in a place where the stream can be done in a way where it feels like a normal pre-alpha session instead of a curated, partnered stream.

"To keep it as simple as possible, first of all, we are just as excited as you all are for Cohh to be able to stream the game," Joppa says when asked when the stream which has been talked about since July would be happening. He continued: "The key is we want him to be able to stream it in the context of an actual pre-alpha session. We want him to stream it in a way that is not curated so that he can just naturally play the game as he sees fit alongside the players who are also playing the game. "

Joppa goes on to praise the team for the feat of being able to recently host 500 players at one time in one area (not spread out across the game world), he still says there are fundamental problems with networking, performance, and more that need to be ironed out before hosting a non-curated stream.

On the subject of the pre-alphas themselves, Perkins notes that the team is gearing up for the next pre-alpha after the last was held, but the goal is to get stability and performance up to snuff where they can start "scheduling these more regularly." However, the timing, as well as frequency, isn't necessarily confirmed, with Perkins saying that they could be once a month or "every couple of months."

The stream itself touches a lot on the work that was done this year to get Pantheon Rise of the Fallen ready for these tests, as well as other topics like zone stability, new character models, class work on the Paladin, as well as dodging the question a bit about the Bard. 


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