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Exclusive Media

Skull & Bones December '18 Update
Skull and Bones
Video Podcast, added on Dec 21, 2018
The Skull & Bones team has a new video update for December '18 that reflects on the game's progress throughout the preceding year. Producer Karl Luhe talks about the excitement that the fans and team feel after a chance to check out the pre-alpha demo. The team has "doubled down on the naval hunting grounds to make them as awesome as possible". The community has inspired developers working on the game as it moves through development.
Breach - Necromancer Class Trailer
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 21, 2018
From the PR: "The Necromancer is a master of summoning spirits and undead minions to skillfully deploy in any tactical situation. Feel free to direct a squad of skeletons to attack a specific target or draw health from the spirit energy of minions with explosive benefits. Maybe you prefer to utilize the ultimate ability of raising an undead army to overwhelm your enemies? Regardless of your choices, you’ll welcome the power of the dark side with the Necromancer."
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5 - A Requiem for Heroes Trailer
Final Fantasy XIV
Game Trailer, added on Dec 21, 2018
With the first part of the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Requiem for Heroes coming on January 8th, fans are going to be pleased to see the dev team is on it in a big way. To get the blood pumping for all of the new content, Square Enix has released the update's official trailer. It provides a look at the lore sprinkled with gameplay and is definitely something fans won't want to miss.
Happy Holidays 2018 from the Overwatch Team
Video Podcast, added on Dec 21, 2018
Overwatch devs has released a nifty holiday greeting video for 2018 that features artist Kim Jung Gi creating an epic work of art featuring the entire Overwatch team. It's fun to watch and see the amazing detail he puts in his art. Enjoy!
ATLAS Extended Length Gameplay Trailer to Help Ease the 2-Day Delay
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 19, 2018
Atlas devs have sent out an extended gameplay trailer in what appears to be an effort to mitigate the 2-day delay for the start of Steam Early Access. The announcement of the delay and the gameplay trailer came out about 30-minutes after the game was to have launched and the community is none too happy. The video is being down-voted with vigor.
Fear The Night [PC] Debut Trailer
Fear the Night
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 17, 2018
This is the debut trailer from Snail Games' recently released Fear the Night zombie-themed MMO.
Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 5 All or Nothing Trailer
Guild Wars 2
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 19, 2018
ArenaNet has released a brand new trailer to showcase Living World Season 4 Episode 5: All or Nothing. The new content episode will be released on Tuesday, January 8th and will feature "the ultimate showdown with the Elder Crystal Dragon Kralkotorrik". Devs are promising that the landscape of Tyria "stands to be reshaped" as a result.
Last Year: The Nightmare is a 5v1 Online PC Game - Here's the Launch Trailer
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 19, 2018
One of the newest entries on the Discord Store is the 5v1 online multiplayer PC game called Last Year: The Nightmare. During the game, five players cooperate to escape the Nightmare. But it's not simple as there are a number of objectives to complete in order to make good the escape...and while being chased by a trio of deadly killers.
Reaper & Tracer Duke It Out for Santa's Christmas Cookies in New Overwatch Video
Game Trailer, added on Dec 19, 2018
Overwatch's Reaper and Tracer are back for this year's stop-animation video as the pair duke it out over Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve. It's a fun and very cool animation to celebrate the season that you surely won't want to miss.
War Thunder Goes Supersonic in Latest Update
War Thunder
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 18, 2018
War Thunder has been updated to v1.85 that brings "supersonic aircraft" into the game alongside Italian ground forces, guided air-to-air missiles, new ships, ground vehicles and other aircraft. To showcase some of the new content, Gaijin released a trailer of the first supersonic jet aircraft.
Population Zero Gameplay Video Showcases 7-Minutes of Action
Population Zero
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 17, 2018
Last week, we introduced you to Population Zero, a forthcoming sci-fi survival MMO. WorthPlayingGames has put up a brand new video that showcases 7-minutes of gameplay so you can see how the game plays in its current pre-alpha state.
Population Zero Timelapse Video
Population Zero
Game Trailer, added on Dec 12, 2018
Check out our in-game Day/Night timelapse! Don't forget your headphones for the amazing ambient that comes with it
Population Zero: Pre-Alpha Announcement Trailer
Population Zero
Game Trailer, added on Dec 11, 2018
This is the announcement trailer for an upcoming Survival MMO Population Zero, a game by Enplex Games.
Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer - A Familiar Feel for ARPG Fans
Pagan Online
Game Trailer, added on Dec 17, 2018
Wargaming and Mad Head Games have released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming "action RPG MMO" Pagan Online. Fans of ARPGs will find themselves right at home watching the game in action, including the UI, item drops, execution of skills and much more. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!
Ashes of Creation Gameplay Update - Live Stream Replay
Ashes of Creation
Video Podcast, added on Dec 14, 2018
The Ashes of Creation team was on hand yesterday for a live stream event and has posted the replay on YouTube. "Glorious MMO Fans, we wanted to show you an update with some early Alpha gameplay from the MMORPG. Alpha One starts soon for Verra!! This footage is an early look at preparing for Alpha One, and has still some placeholder UI and the hybrid combat system has not been constructed yet. Enjoy this update on the development and we cannot wait to see you in game soon!"
Anthem Developer Livestream Shows Off Gear & Progression + New Trailer
Video Podcast, added on Dec 14, 2018
Earlier this week, Anthem Producer Darrin McPherson and Lead Producer Ben Irving took to the airwaves for a live stream event. During the nearly hour-long broadcast the pair showed off how gear progresses throughout the game. They also took time to showcase "more Colossus and Ranger javelin gameplay".
Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Have Armor, Will Travel
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Dec 14, 2018
After a brief hiatus, the latest edition of the Star Citizen: Around the Verse weekly series is back, this time centered on armor for female characters. Viewers are also taken on "a tour of the developing Stanton System". Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner also thank the community for their participation in recent testing and speak about "emergent gameplay" that devs are seeing from the community.
New World of Warcraft Shop Mount - The Vulpine Familiar
World of Warcraft
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 13, 2018
Blizzard has released a brand new shop mount, a flying fox called the Vulpine Familiar. The mount is $25 and may just be the perfect holiday gift for your favorite WoW player.
Breach - Arcane Mender Class Trailer
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 12, 2018
The Breach team is ready to show off yet another of the playable heroes coming with the game. This time, the spotlight shines on the Arcane Menders. These versatile characters "can do more than just provide healing skills. They can also use the Guardian Sprite ability to apply a damage shield to [themselves] or an ally and build up Transcendent Blast" that can do some serious damage.
Grimden Arrives in Vindictus - Check Out His Gameplay
Gameplay Footage, added on Dec 12, 2018
Grimden has officially launched into Vindictus and devs are celebrating with this brand new gameplay trailer. He has a number of abilities that make him a formidable fighter as he "annihilates anything or anyone that gets in his way. Grimden strikes swiftly and wages unpredictable attacks with elusive cloning abilities".
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