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Warframe Asks: What Would Happen If a Video Game Weapon Really Worked

Digital Extremes and "Who Is the Bald Guy" took to the streets of New York City to find out what would happen if they pranked ordinary folks with Warframe's Opticor. The results are hilarious...particularly when people are told NOT to pull the trigger so, of course, they do!

Funcom Showcases 12 Minutes of Moons of Madness Gameplay

Moons of Madness is Funcom's upcoming horror game and the team is ready to show off what players will experience as they face terror in space. The new video features over ten minutes of gameplay footage featuring Shane Newehart, the title's protagonist. Moons of Madness has ties to Secret World thanks to the Orochi group that built the secret research facility where Newehart is stationed.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Season 3 -  Survival Guide

Today marks the release of Season 3 for both PvP and Mythic Keystone Dungeons in World of Warcraft. In addition, the mythic version of the next raid, Azshara's Eternal Palace, has opened and the race for world first kills has begun. Players will also find the new mega-dungeon, Mechagon, with its 8-bosses and other great rewards.

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Coming by Year's End

Elite Dangerous fans gathered over the past weekend and were told about some cool things coming to the game before the year's end. Most notably, players can look forward to Fleet Carriers, mobile bases that can be moved between sectors and used to resupply captains with fuel and weapons. Not much else was said, but developers have promised more information in the coming months.

Anthem Cataclysm Update - Legendary Weapons Land on PTR

Anthem's Cataclysm has finally landed on the game's PTR. In a new preview from YouTube's KhrazeGaming, viewers get a look at the new weapons that will come to players once the update is released on live servers. The nine new weapons are considered energy weapons, something different from the more mundane weapons released so far.

Dual Universe - Dev Diary Alpha 2 | July

The latest Dual Universe developer update has been published, this time with news about the July 11th start of Alpha 2 with new additions and improvements. Most notably players will notice several quality of life improvements that have been in development since the end of Alpha 1.

Ship of Heroes Team Details 'Ivar & Sons' Auction House

The Ship of Heroes team has pushed out a new video to showcase the in-game auction house called "Ivar & Sons". The video showcases a character putting an item on the auction house using the "seemingly simple," yet robust system. "Functional trading system for players? Check!" the blog reads.

Borderlands 3 - Claptrap Presents: Pandora

A new series of Borderlands 3 is incoming starting with today's view of the planet Pandora as told by the one and only Claptrap. "We commissioned our very own Claptrap to create a serious scientific documentary detailing the flora and fauna found on everyone's favorite desert hell planet: Pandora. It didn't go well."

The Jimquisition Examines 'the Addictive Cost of Predatory Monetization'

Jim Sterling has published a new video regarding what he believes is "the addictive cost of predatory video game monetization". In the half-hour long documentary, Sterling speaks about the impact of microtransactions and loot boxes and the effect they have on players. He looks "at the human cost of predatory monetization" and even speaks with a mobile studio CEO "whose tactics for hunting 'whales' sound scarily like instructions for selling drugs".

Astellia - The Colosseum Features Intense PvE Battles

The latest Astellia trailer showcases The Colosseum, an enclosed space where parties of players take on ever-increasingly difficult waves of monsters. The goal is to reduce the number of monsters as quickly as possible which challenges party members to perform their roles successfully. Luckily, resurrection is automatic so players can rejoin the fray.

Ashes of Creation - Dev Diaries - Animation

The latest in a series of developer video diaries for Ashes of Creation has been released, this time on the subject of animations. Senior Animation Artist Brad Constantine takes viewers through the process from receiving a character from the art team and bringing it to life in the game. Lead Designer Jeffrey Bard also chips in on the "synergy between design and animation" to create an immersive environment for players.

EVE Online - The Scope - Breaking News: Drifter Invasion

EVE Online capsuleers will need to be wary when taking to the skies as a galactic Drifter invasion has begun. In a new "news report" called The Scope (direct from New Eden), the devastating news of the Drifter invasion is detailed. "CCP reached out to the Drifters for comment, but they rejected the team's hailing frequencies. An image was intercepted that is causing a lot of consternation as it is unknown, though it appears to be something of a Drifter meme...

Inside Star Citizen: Destination - Alpha 3.6

The latest edition of Inside Star Citizen has arrived, this time calling itself the "season finale". The team takes "a look at the three-headed chimera of AI systems (social, ships, and combat) and find out what Alpha 3.6 features the devs are most excited about".

Starbase - Gunfights & Weapons Feature Video

The latest Starbase video is out and about, this time featuring both weapons and gunfights. Viewers will be treated to a visual of how combat will look, at least in this early stage, when the voxel-vertex-based space-themed MMO is released.

Apex Legends Season 2 - Battle Charge Launch Trailer

Respawn Entertainment has released a brand new trailer to introduce Apex Legends Season 2. Most notably, the main Apex Legends map is going to be packed full of new flora and fauna. "Kings Canyon will never be the same". Players can look forward to Leviathans that have invaded as well.