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Metin2 Update 21.0: Curse of the Serpent Queen Brings New Zone and More This Month

Metin2 is set to receive a new content update 21.0 called Curse of the Serpent Queen on February 23, bringing a new zone, dungeons, bosses, and more.

Valheim Takes Over Steam - MMORPG's Top 5 Articles of the Week

This week's Top 5 articles has you covered on the major storylines and articles on the site this week. Valheim took over the Steam Charts this week, selling over 1 million copies in its first week. We really have enjoyed our romp thus far through the survival game thanks to its common sense systems and beautiful visuals. 

Warframe Previews Its Upcoming Spring Content With New Gameplay Trailer

During today's Epic Games Showcase, Digital Extremes launched a new trailer previewing its upcoming Spring 2021 content, including new Railjack battles for the new Warframe, Sevagoth.

Magic: Legends Drops New Gameplay Trailer, Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack Free Through April 6th

Armed with a new gameplay trailer, Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced today that their upcoming open beta for Magic: Legends will be coming to the Epic Games Store next month with an exclusive Epic Planeswalker Starter pack.

NCSoft's Korean Blade & Soul 2 Showcase - Shows Off Gameplay and a Google Play Trailer

Last night NCSOFT posted quite a few videos as part of a Blade & Soul 2 showcase, that featured some cinematic trailers, and a look at combat.

EVE Online's Newest Quadrant, Reign, Brings Updates To Fleets, Travel And More

EVE Online's next major quadrant update, titled Reign, begins today, bringing with it changes to fleets and travel. Additionally, the new quadrant will also bring back old events such as the Guardian's Gala and The Hunt.

Albion Online Talks Upcoming Faction Warfare Changes In New DevTalk Video

With the Call to Arms update coming soon for Albion Online, Game Director Robin Henkys took to YouTube to discuss the upcoming changes to Faction Warfare.

Blizzard Entertainment Celebrates 30 Years With New Video Showcasing Iconic Moments From Its Library

Blizzard Entertainment, one of the largest game companies out there and creators of some of of the most memorable gamesin the industry, is celebrating 30 years this month. To commemorate, the company posted a new video to their social media, showcasing moments from their extensive library.

Visionary Realms CEO Talks Pantheon in 2021 in Latest Developer Roundtable

The latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen developer roundtable on February 5th sat down with CEO Chris Rowan to talk about what's headed down the pipe for Pantheon and Visionary realms in 2021.

Crowfall's Latest ACE Q&A Gives an Overview and Explains the Latest Test Build

In the latest Crowfall developer Q&A, the ArtCraft Entertainment team outlines what released in the latest test build. They also go over some feature's players may not have noticed and expressed appreciation to the those who have spent their time putting in bug reports.

This Week - Google Shuts Down Game Development and Final Fantasy Announces an Xpac | Quick 5

Spend less time getting caught up with what happened in gaming with this week's Quick 5, where we talk about some big developments that we learned over the past week, and serve it up in less than 5 minutes.

Bluehole's Elyon Showcases New Greatsword-Wielding Slayer Class In New Video

Elyon, the MMO formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, released a new video showcasing one of the classes just added to the Korean MMORPG. The Slayer class, which wields a massive two-handed sword that would put Cloud's Buster Sword to shame, "sheds his own blood to bring down his enemies" according to Bluehole.

Total War: WARHAMMER III Announced, Bringing Epic Trilogy To A Close

Total War: WARHAMMER III has been announced, culminating the trilogy's epic story with this latest installment. The partnership with Creative Assembly and Games Workshop will "plunge players into a cataclysmic conflict between ruinous daemonic powers and the sentinels of the mortal world."

Blade & Soul 2 Releases a Trailer for 2021 - Advance Reservations Begin February 9th

Blade & Soul 2 was announced quite a while ago, and many have questioned when we might see it finally release. With an extremely short teaser in tow, NCSoft has announced that Blade & Soul 2 will begin advance reservations February 9th.

Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen Is Coming On February 9th With New Battlegrounds Activities, Gear, Strikes And More

Destiny 2's upcoming season 13, dubbed Season of the Chosen, is coming to the FPS this month, kicking off on February 9th and running through May 11th.