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Exclusive Media

Legends of Aria: Feature Highlight - The Karma System
Legends of Aria
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 30, 2018
Citadel Studios has released a brand new video to explain one of the big features coming in Legends of Aria. The video provides a brief overview of the Karma System.
Soma Joins the Fray in Closers
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 29, 2018
Closers players have a new character to check out thanks to the arrival of Soma. She is a "tonfa-wielding demolisher" with an "intense hatred for dimensional monsters".
Fallout 76 Live Action Trailer, Microtransactions & No Switch Version
Fallout 76
Game Trailer, added on Oct 29, 2018
It was seemingly a big weekend for the Fallout 76 team as we have a triple treat of news today. First comes the Fallout 76 live action multiplayer trailer that showcases a golden oldie song from the Beach Boys, "Wouldn't It be Nice"...and a giant sloth. One of the big new components of Fallout 76 is the inclusion of online multiplayer, something that the trailer shows off to good effect.
World of Warcraft Demo Tour & Comparison to 2005
World of Warcraft
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 27, 2018
Blizzard announced earlier this week that Blizzcon Virtual Ticket holders could download the World of Warcraft Classic demo that will "only become available" once the convention begins next Friday. But that type of thing is usually seen as a challenge and someone took it up. YouTuber "dodgykebaab" managed to get into the demo without monsters or NPCs to make a comparison video between the "new" Classic and a 2005 version of World of Warcraft.
Infantry Online - Bug Hunt Zone Preview
Infantry Online
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 13, 2018
Another video from the Infantry Online team.
Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Relay Recap
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Oct 26, 2018
The latest Star Citizen: Around the Verse is out for your viewing pleasure today. This time, the team "dives into mission design as it goes behind the scenes with the CitizenCon mission play-through".
Sea of Thieves Expanding Soon with Shrouded Spoils
Sea of Thieves
Video Podcast, added on Oct 26, 2018
The latest Sea of Thieves developer video blog has been published, this time with the first information about the game's next expansion, Shrouded Spoils. Executive Producer Joe Neate reflects on how the expansion content has been created in response to player feedback including more ship customization and endgame commendations and goals for Legendary Pirates.
Aion: Awakened Legacy Arrives with Its Renewed Experience
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 25, 2018
The long-awaited Aion: Awakened Legacy update has finally arrived. According to developers, it is "the rebirth of Aion". It brings "a refreshing and simplified experience for Daevas old and young, promising to create a streamlined and more enjoyable experience regardless of your experience with the game".
Infantry Online Gameplay
Infantry Online
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 16, 2018
Gameplay from the community-run Infantry Online in its latest incarnation.
Black Desert Online - Archer Teaser Trailer
Black Desert Online
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 24, 2018
Black Desert Online devs will be on hand during this weekend's TwitchCon in San Jose, CA. During the event, fans and players will be able to try out the male Archer that is coming to the game later in 2018 as well as explore the Drieghan expansion content. The Archer is long-awaited by the community and he will be joining the other classes soon.
Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. First Impressions!
Fallout 76
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 24, 2018
Our own Christopher Bowman had a chance to get in on the Fallout 76 XBox One B.E.T.A. yesterday and he's got some impressions to share with our community along with some fantastic gameplay footage. Check it out and let us know what you think!
Ship of Heroes Video Showcases the Day & Night In Apotheosis City
Ship of Heroes
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 24, 2018
The Ship of Heroes team has sent out a new video to showcase the day / night cycle in Apotheosis City. The video offers viewers a time-lapse look at how lighting and "emissives on buildings and cars" change based on the time of day.
Overwatch Developer Update for October 2018 - Spectator Mode Incoming
Video Podcast, added on Oct 24, 2018
The latest Overwatch Developer Update is out and about with Jeff Kaplan taking the reins to discuss what players can expect to see at Blizzcon 2018. While there won't be a new map presented at Blizzcon, the team will be showing off the "Overwatch World Cup Viewer" that allows viewers to see matches from "any camera or viewpoint in real time".
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Official PC Launch Trailer
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 23, 2018
CD Projekt Red has sent out the official Gwent launch trailer to guessed it: The launch of The Witcher-themed card game on PC. The PlayStation 4 and XBox One launch day is currently slated for December 4th.
Elder Scrolls Online Levels Up with the Murkmire DLC on PC Starting Today
Elder Scrolls Online
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 23, 2018
Elder Scrolls Online has been updated to bring the Murkmire content DLC into the game. It's the first chance players have had to journey to the home of the Argonians and a lot of exciting new content has been added to expand the game lore.
Spellbreak Pre-alpha Teaser - Epic Magic Combat in a Battle Royal / RPG
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 22, 2018
Spellbreak is a new "battle royale RPG featuring epic magic combat", a nice departure from the run and gun of most other BR games. Players combine a variety of spells that can upend an opponent while making agile leaps in the air to avoid damage.
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - New Halloween Skins
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 22, 2018
Well, it IS October, you know, and what says that more than pumpkin spice and the arrival of in-game Halloween celebrations? The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds team has sent out a new video to showcase the holiday-themed skins that players will be able to trot out to "haunt" the battlefield over the coming days.
Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Austin Texas Cakewalk
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Oct 19, 2018
Last weekend was a big one in the Star Citizen universe with CitizenCon being held. This weeks, Star Citizen: Around the Verse episode has a slightly different approach with something akin to a "highlights reel". Take a look back with Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts at "some of the fun, immersive highlights of CitizenCon 2948".
Legends of Aria: Steam Early Access Gameplay Trailer
Legends of Aria
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 4, 2018
Legends of Aria is coming to Steam Early Access on December 4th 2018!
Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer
Game Trailer, added on Oct 18, 2018
America, 1899. The end of the Wild West era has begun. After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation massing on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the rugged heartland of America in order to survive.
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