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Exclusive Media

Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Pillar Talk
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Nov 9, 2018
It's Friday and you know what that means: It's Star Citizen Around the Verse time and a wrap up of the week's activities. It is described by the team like this: "Breaking news about upcoming releases and an inside look at cloud tech development in this week's update."
Breach Exclusive Class Reveal - The Auros Gladiator
Gameplay Footage, added on Nov 8, 2018
As one of the most exciting melee classes in Breach, the Auros Gladiator is all about taking on and isolating strong and Elite enemies with a continuous onslaught of aerial combos. If you’re a fan of certain third-person action games that involve lots of air juggling, then you’ll find the Auros Gladiator right up your alley.
Lost Ark Gameplay Impressions - Is This The New Diablo?
Lost Ark
Gameplay Footage, added on Nov 8, 2018
As you know, the Lost Ark open beta began in South Korea yesterday and today brings us some impressions videos from those those who managed to get in and play. This video comes via Arekkz Gaming and is an interesting take on the "new Diablo" feeling that many have taken when seeing Lost Ark in action. See if you agree!
Survarium Details Changes to Weapons & More in v0.55
Video Podcast, added on Nov 7, 2018
The latest update has been deployed to Vostok Games' Survarium. The patch notes reveal a plethora of changes to the game, including a weapons balance pass across all tiers and classes. In addition, repair prices have been adjusted and daily tasks have been updated.
N7 Day 2018 - What Does N7 Mean to You, Mass Effect Fan?
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Official Movie, added on Nov 7, 2018
Today is N7 Day, the official day of celebration for the Mass Effect series. In this year's trailer, BioWare asks "What does N7 mean to you?" It provides a look back at some of the most beloved series' characters as well as wonders at the future of the series...something we hope comes sooner than later.
Rastakhan's Rumble: Ticket to Greatness - a Hearthstone Animated Series
Official Movie, added on Nov 7, 2018
The Hearthstone team is ready to roll out the red carpet for its next expansion, Rastakhan's Rumble. As part of that, a new animated series by made in partnership between YouTuber "Wronchi" and Blizzard has been released. It's a fun look and should continue into the future.
War Thunder Devs Preserving the Stories of WWII in New Video Series
War Thunder
Video Podcast, added on Nov 7, 2018
Gaijin Entertainment is preserving some of the ever-fading stories of World War II in a new video series called Thunder Stories: Never in a Hurri. The series is narrated by War Thunder's Bruce Grant, the voice players hear often throughout the game, notably on the Shooting Range.
Twelve Sky Leaps to Mobile with Twelve Sky M
Game Trailer, added on Nov 7, 2018
Twelve Sky is making the leap from desktop to mobile devices thanks to the announcement of Twelve Sky M. The game was revealed through a brief teaser trailer that provides a peek at its oriental-themed environments, armors and action combat.
ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Launches on Steam
ARK: Survival Evolved
Gameplay Footage, added on Nov 7, 2018
The ARK: Survival Evolved story began on Earth and with the launch of the Extinction expansion, adventurers return to where they began. Extinction brings a new map, one that features a ruined planet infested with "Element-corrupted creatures".
Nexon's MMOARPG 'Project DH' Now Has a Name: Dragon Hound
Game Trailer, added on Nov 6, 2018
South Korea's G-Star 2018 is nearing and many of the attending companies are starting to push out new trailers. Nexon has finally named "Project DH" that was first introduced at G-Star 2016. The Unreal Engine 4 MMOARPG is now known as Dragon Hound and it comes along with a proper cinematic trailer.
Path of Exile: PlayStation 4 Release Trailer
Path of Exile
Gameplay Footage, added on Nov 5, 2018
Grinding Gear is ready to knock your socks off on this sluggish Monday afternoon with the big news that Path of Exile is coming to PlayStation 4 on December 7th!
Diablo Immortal Gameplay Trailer
Diablo Immortal
Gameplay Footage, added on Nov 2, 2018
Shown at BlizzCon 2018 to introduce the mobile-only ARPG to the world.
Guild Wars 2 Stream Raises $65k for Charity & 2 New PvP Maps Previewed
Guild Wars 2
Video Podcast, added on Nov 5, 2018
ArenaNet has sent word that it's 24-hour long Extra Life stream saw players donate over $40,000 with the company providing another $25,000 in matching funds. To celebrate, ANet released "an original jug band music video for the popular Guild Wars 2 anthem "Fear Not This Night".
Heroes of the Storm Role Shake Up Incoming; Sylvanas & Stitches Reworks & More
Heroes of the Storm
Video Podcast, added on Nov 5, 2018
During this weekend's BlizzCon 2018, Heroes of the Storm introduced some serious shake ups coming to the game that were largely overshadowed by other convention news. In one of the biggest pieces of news, the team revealed that the Hero Roster is going to undergo some serious retooling in the near future.
Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Digital Underground
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Nov 2, 2018
The latest Star Citizen: Around the Verse has been published that continues an in depth dive into the mission walk-through that was shown during the recent CitizenCon. Developers discuss how missions are designed from concept to implementation. Devs also speak about combat AI and how it fits into making a dynamic experience for players.
Dark Agartha Coming to Secret World Legends Nov 14th
Secret World Legends
Gameplay Footage, added on Nov 1, 2018
The Secret World Legends team released a new video called "Dark Agartha" with tantalizing clues: "A mysterious path in Agartha has opened. Initially discovered by the Lost Conquistador, the question isn't just "where" the portal led, but to "when". Witness Dark Agartha, a telling of a possible apocalyptic future..."
1,623 views Exclusive - Crowfall Monster Video 'Arising Hunger'
Game Trailer, added on Oct 31, 2018
Follow along as a ragtag band of unlikely companions brave the wilderness in the new Crowfall® trailer, “Arising Hunger”, from ArtCraft Entertainment.
Happy Halloween from the Ship of Heroes Team
Ship of Heroes
Gameplay Footage, added on Oct 31, 2018
It IS Halloween and no game is immune from a themed event! The Ship of Heroes team wants its fans to know that Halloween has a special spot in the game. To show some of what the devs have planned, a new video has been sent out with a description of what players can look forward to once the game debuts!
Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch Live Action Trailer
Diablo 3
Official Movie, added on Oct 31, 2018
Blizzard is sending Switch players to hell (and back, hopefully) with the arrival of Diablo 3: The Eternal Collection on Switch. To celebrate, the team has released a new live-action trailer that's as much fun to watch as it is to play D3 on the go. Check it out!
TheHiveLeader's Guide to DPSing In MMOs
Video Podcast, added on Oct 31, 2018
Thinking of playing a DPS in that new MMO? Well then, watch my tried and true Guide to DPSing! It's totally helpful! Or unhelpful. It's a matter of opinion really...
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