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Exclusive Media

The Division 2: Endgame Trailer
The Division 2
Gameplay Footage, added on Feb 21, 2019
Ubisoft has unleashed a brand new trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 that shines the spotlight on the activities players can expect at endgame. These include a new faction, new missions, 3 specializations, new gear, occupied Dark Zones, and Raids.
Bless Unleashed Ranger Class Trailer
Bless Unleashed
Gameplay Footage, added on Feb 21, 2019
Bandai Namco has sent out a brand new class trailer for Bless Unleashed. This time, the Ranger class shines. "Rangers are built to deal death from afar as they unleash lethal bow-and-arrow attacks to defeat multiple enemies at once or take down the mightiest of beasts," the PR reads. Judge for yourself in this new video.
What If Your Warframe Tenno Talked From The Beginning? - Part 2 - TheHiveLeader
Video Podcast, added on Feb 21, 2019
Will Hive defeat the oddly alluring Vor? Will Ordis ever shut up? There's only one way to find out! This is Part 2 of "What if Your Tenno Talked?" which throws out all lore for the sake of comedy because otherwise this series wouldn't make sense. Just go with it...
Darkest Dungeon 2 Revealed in New 'Howling End' Trailer
Game Trailer, added on Feb 19, 2019
If you loved Darkest Dungeon, have we got great news for you: Red Hook Studios has announced Darkest Dungeon 2! To celebrate the big news, the team has released a new trailer called "The Howling End".
World of Warcraft Devs Preview Zandalari Trolls & Kul Tiran Human Allied Races
World of Warcraft
Gameplay Footage, added on Feb 19, 2019
The World of Warcraft team has unleashed a new trailer to showcase the next two Allied Races that will be joining Battle for Azeroth in the next update. The official site has also been updated with lots of information about each including racial traits, unlock requirements, a heritage armor & mount preview and more.
The Division 2 Open Beta Live Action Trailer Asks 'Why Will We Fight?'
The Division 2
Official Movie, added on Feb 19, 2019
With The Division 2 ready to kick off open beta on March 1st, Ubisoft is priming players with the release of a new live-action trailer. It asks, "When everything has collapse. When everything has been taken away from us. Why will we fight?"
Star Citizen: Around the Verse - All Systems Argo | 3.4 Ep. 6
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Feb 15, 2019
It's Friday, so you know what that means: Star Citizen: Around the Verse. This time, Technical Director of Content Sean Tracy and Character Creative Director Josh Herman "delve into the exciting world of Asset Optimization, get stuck in ArcCorp traffic, and meet the latest Star Citizen ship in this week's update".
Conviction: An Anthem Story Trailer From Neill Blomkamp
Official Movie, added on Feb 14, 2019
EA and Neill Blomkamp have released Conviction: An Anthem Story short live-action trailer. It is set in the world of Anthem "decades before the events of the game" and is about four minutes long. Let us know what you think!
Conviction: An Anthem Live Action Short-Story Film by Neill Blomkamp Announced
Official Movie, added on Feb 12, 2019
BioWare and Neill Blomkamp have sent out a teaser trailer for Conviction, "an original live-action short-film based on Anthem". The short "invites viewers to experience Blomkamp's unique style of creating photorealistic visual effects and bringing them seamlessly into the real world, this time with EA's Anthem". The full "short film" will be available on February 14th on the Oats Studios YouTube channel.
Neverwinter Devs Teasing Things to Come with The Yawning Portal
Game Trailer, added on Feb 12, 2019
The Neverwinter team has pushed out a brief teaser trailer that seems to portend "something" coming to the game. The action takes place in an inn, presumably The Yawning Portal, with a barkeep speaking to a group of adventurers.
Battlerite Royale - Free-To-Play Launch Trailer
Gameplay Footage, added on Feb 12, 2019
With the free-to-play launch of Battlerite fast approaching, Stunlock Studios has unleashed the celebratory trailer. Battlerite will launch on February 19th on Steam and will come with a large update pithily called the "BIG PATCH" that adds new Champions, tweaked maps, Battle Season 1 and more.
The Outer World Devs Dish on Player Expectations & Misconceptions
The Outer Worlds
Video Podcast, added on Feb 12, 2019
Game Informer is covering The Outer Worlds extensively throughout the month of February. The first two video interviews released cover some pretty interesting topics. In the first, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky speak about living up to player expectations and set the record straight on misconceptions people have about what The Outer Worlds is (and isn't).
Word War Z Trailer Shows Off PvPvZ Multiplayer Action
Gameplay Footage, added on Feb 11, 2019
World War Z is a forthcoming XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC game that pits cooperative teams of four against zombies. However, players will also be able to stretch their PvP muscles with the multiplayer "PvPvZ" mode that sends two teams of four out hunting each other while also being hunted by zombies. This new trailer from Saber Interactive gives a taste of what players can expect.
Shadowverse - Launch Trailer
Game Trailer, added on Jan 20, 2016
Watch the official launch trailer for Shadowverse, a strategic multiplayer digital card game from Cygames. Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.
Star Citizen: Around the Verse - The Sound of Fury | 3.4.05
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Feb 8, 2019
Here it is: Friday. Not only is it the herald of the weekend, but it's also Star Citizen: Around the Verse to close our your gaming week. This time LA Studio Director Eric Kieron Davis and Technical Director of Content Sean Tracy host The Sound and the Fury. The pair "check in with character animation and continue [the] exploration of the new flight model with look at ship AI and audio". Check it out!
Anthem Devs Want You Hyped - Check Out the Launch Trailer
Gameplay Footage, added on Feb 8, 2019
With the launch of Anthem just a couple of weeks away, BioWare wants you hyped. To help get you there, they've unleashed the official launch trailer that you're definitely not going to want to miss. Check it out!
What If Your Tenno Talked From The Beginning? - Warframe (Parody) - TheHiveLeader
Video Podcast, added on Feb 7, 2019
In Warframe, your Tenno talks much later in the game... but what if they talked throughout the entire game? Turns out, you're still a badass, Vor is kind of a stalker, and everyone else is kind of a nag. Go figure.
Firefly Studios Announces Romans: Age of Caesar
Game Trailer, added on Feb 7, 2019
Firefly Studios has announced its "cooperative grand strategy MMO" Romans: Age of Caesar. The game allows thousands of players to work to rebuild Rome in a classic city-builder game and to "trade with everyone on the same map". The game features an infinite number of cities consisting of sixteen players each. The goal of each city is to work to establish government, form trading alliances and routes, and to create a collective army for city protection.
Anthem Devs Dish on Endgame in Gameplay Series, Part 2
Video Podcast, added on Feb 6, 2019
The Anthem team has published the second video in an ongoing series devoted to gameplay. In this edition, they speak about Anthem's endgame that will include harder difficulty levels once the game has been defeated for the first time, new contracts and legendary contracts, daily-weekly-monthly challenges and much more.
Building Mechanics in Population Zero
Population Zero
Gameplay Footage, added on Feb 6, 2019
Enplex Games has released a new trailer to show off building mechanics that people can expect to find in the survival sci-fi MMO when it launches.
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