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Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Deluxe Edition Detailed

We've known about the Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster for a bit now. However, Game Director Kazuyuki Yamai has a special message today regarding the game's Deluxe Edition and its content.

RPG Sacred Fire Receives New Trailer Voiced By Witcher 3's Doug Cockle

Feast your eyes on a trailer for psychological RPG, Sacred Fire. This trailer, however, has something special up its sleeve in that it's voiced by the Witcher himself: Doug Cockle.

Black Desert Online And Bugatti Collaboration Sees Your Mount Rock Hypercar Gear

In a crossover I'm not sure anyone saw coming, Pearl Abyss' MMORPG Black Desert will be getting a little faster thanks to a crossover event with hypercar maker Bugatti. If you've ever wanted to ride a horse decked out like a Bugatti Chiron - or just sport the car logo on a magnificent cape, now you can.

Neverwinter Sharandar Episode 3 Launches Today on PC

After some time, Episode 3 has finally released for Neverwinter on PC. Dubbed The Odious Court, this episode concludes the story of Sharandar. Read on for more details.

ESO Blackwood's Console Launch Today Receives New Trailer

After Elder Scrolls Online's Blackwood released on PC, Mac, and Stadia last week, it's the turn of the consoles today. Check out the all-new trailer for Blackwood as the chapter releases on console.

Exclusive Swords of Legends Online Gameplay Shows Off Questing in Dreamworld

Swords of Legends Online continues to feed more information as we just pass the end date for their second beta.

World War II Online Celebrates 20 Years With Update Announcements, Including Shift To UE4

World War II Online is gearing up for its next twenty years as the developers celebrate its 20th anniversary. In doing so, the team talked about what is upcoming for WWII Online players, including potential technology changes coming to the MMO.

New World Continues Its Tour Of Aeternum, This Time Visiting Mourningdale

New World is ramping up towards its July beta ahead of launch in August, this time showing off the region of Mournigdale in their Touring Aeternum series.

Crowfall Officially Launching On July 6th

Crowfall, the highly anticipated PvP MMO is finally releasing, coming next month on July 6th.  The upcoming MMO celebrated the announcement with an all-new animatic video about the first story in Crowfall: Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds.

Black Desert Is Launching Its First Co-Op Dungeon, Atoraxxion, Later This Summer

Atoraxxion, the first co-op dungeon for Pearl Abyss' Black Desert, is coming later this summer the company announced. While no date has been released just yet, the developer did mention it will be hitting soon for both PC and console this summer.

Check Out the Trailer for Solasta's Dungeon Maker

A new trailer for Solasta: Crown of the Magister's dungeon maker tool has just released. If you've been itching to see how it looks in action, check out the full details below.

New World Is Going On A Tour Of Aeternum, Giving Players A Glimpse At Its First Location, Windsward

New World's beta is fast approaching, and the team is starting to show case some more of the places you can visit a bit more in-depth in its Touring Aeternum series. First up is the town of Windsward.

Conan Exiles' Isle Of Siptah Expansion Out Today Across PC, Xbox And PlayStation Consoles

Conan Exiles' expansion, Isle of Siptah, is out today across PC, Xbox and PlayStation devices. Players can jump into the latest expansion, which originally released in Early Access back in September 2020 starting today. If you've never experience Conan's harsh survival gameplay and want to check it out before grabbing the expansion, and you happen to be a Xbox Game Pass owner as well, you can check out the base game today as well.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister 1.0 Launches Today

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is exiting Early Access today with their Version 1.0 launch. Where can you buy it? How much will it cost? We've got the details.

Here's Your Exclusive First Look at Housing in Swords of Legends Online

Housing is a huge part of RP'ing in MMOs. Some of us like to invest heavily in them as an escape, while others like to create cool places to hang out with friends and guildies. Swords of Legends Online have just taken the covers off housing in their game, and we have your exclusive first look.