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Pagan Online is Now Known as Pagan: Absent Gods

Pagan: Absent Online

Steven Weber Posted:
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Pagan Online is Now Known as Pagan: Absent Gods

Pagan Online has now transition from an online game to the single player title Pagan: Absent Gods. The Devblog that announced this information explains that the reasons behind the change were due to the strain of maintaining the multiplayer servers.

Pagan Online officially released August of 2019. The transition comes as the development also transitions from Wargaming.net to Mad Head Games, who believes the costs of maintaining multiplayer servers has become too costly, and that they feel the majority of players are continuously playing the single player campaign. The lack of traction on the multiplayer side leaves Mad Head Games with the conclusion that a full single player conversion is the best option for Pagan going forward.

While Pagan Online is no more, you can read about what the game was like in our impressions as well as the full review of the game when it released last year.


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