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Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer - A Familiar Feel for ARPG Fans

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer - A Familiar Feel for ARPG Fans

Wargaming and Mad Head Games have released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming "action RPG MMO" Pagan Online. Fans of ARPGs will find themselves right at home watching the game in action, including the UI, item drops, execution of skills and much more. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

The game is developed with an ambition to bring new meaning to the “Action” part of Action RPG, introducing intense and exciting session-based combat that rewards players for being smart and skillful. Character progression incentivizes building and developing a “family” of many unique characters, rather than one character with multiple builds. Combinations of gear, skills and characters will offer synergies that deliver more than the sum of the stats, and can be put to the test in challenging boss fights and other modes. Pagan Online’s combination of storytelling, procedurally-generated arenas, and multiple choices that lead to different encounter types create the feeling of a living and changing world, where every day and fight is different from what came before.

Interested fans can sign up for the Pagan Online "trials" (aka alpha / beta tests) by visiting the game's official site.


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