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Overwatch 2's Next Support Hero, Lifeweaver, Debuted Today, Coming With Season 4

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Overwatch 2's Next Support Hero, Lifeweaver, Debuted Today, Coming With Season 4

Overwatch 2 unveiled its next hero coming to the free-to-play multiplayer hero shooter today. Lifeweaver, a new support hero, is coming with Season 4, and aims to keep allies upright throughout those long, drawn out fights over a payload.

Lifeweaver, which when the hero releases will be Overwatch 2's 37th hero overall, comes from Thailand and brings his "biolight" technology to help himself and allies during battle. The hero is meant to be a healer, possibly giving us Mercy mains another outlet to keep our friends upright during tough moments.

From skills that do just that - heal HP - to being able to pull an ally back towards him to get someone out of danger, Lifeweaver looks to bring quite a bit of support utility to the battlefield. Lifeweaver, like a few other Overwatch heroes, has two fire types: a primary fire called Healing Blossom which when charged will shoot a blossom towards allies, healing them. His secondary fire is called Petal Platform, which throws a pod out that bursts into bloom as a platform that elevates anyone who steps on the platform itself - friend or foe. This can be used as a way to get an enemy out of the way in a pinch or give an ally a helpful boost skyward to rain down fire on the enemy team, for starters.

Life Grip envelops allies in a biolight which makes them invulnerable to all incoming damage. Lifeweaver pulls the ally towards him, getting them out of danger. His ultimate, Tree of Life, which as a Blizzard developer puts it, is like a "Healing Bob meets Mei's Ice Wall".

"For his ultimate ability, Lifeweaver places a large biolight tree that pulses with healing energy. This tree provides cover for your team, meaning you can’t shoot, be shot, or pass through it. The developer responsible for the concept describes it as, “Healing Bob meets Mei’s Ice Wall.”"

You can check out the full details on the Overwatch 2 websiteOverwatch 2's Season 4 is slated to release next week on April 11th. You can also see the hero in action in the gameplay trailer below.


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