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Overwatch 2 Will Get A Showcase Coming On May 20th

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Overwatch 2 Will Get A Showcase Coming On May 20th

In his first update as game director of Overwatch, Aaron Keller confirmed that players will get a glimpse at Overwatch 2 later this month. Coming on May 20th, the team will be focusing on the PVP elements of the upcoming sequel to their 2016 hit.

Overwatch 2 was revealed back in 2019, and while it's been shown a bit during over the years, including this year's BlizzConline event, though most of the reveals have focused in on the PvE side of things coming with the sequel. Keller, in his update via YouTube, talked a bit about what players can expect from this month's showcase, which will center in on the PvP experience that defines Overwatch currently.

"[O]n May 20th, the Overwatch and Overwatch League teams will be putting together a livestream, where we'll talk more about the PvP side of the game.," Keller explained in the update video. He continued, "I'll be joined by Geoff Goodman, Dion Rogers, and other from the development team, as we play through new maps and talk about some of the philosophy behind changes coming to Overwatch 2's PvP."

For players who have concerns about those changes, or questions about Overwatch 2 in general, Keller also announced that an upcoming AMA has been scheduled on Reddit a few days later. On May 24th, players can head to the Overwatch subreddit where the developers will be talking development on the franchise spanning the last five years.

While we know Overwatch 2 isn't slated to release this year, the upcoming sequel to Overwatch, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this month, seeks to add a full PvE story to the game, expanding upon the interesting universe the game is set within. This is Keller's first public update as game director of Overwatch as the game's former creative director, Jeff Kaplan, left the company late April.


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