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Outward Developer Diary Focuses in on the Importance of 'The Backpack'

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Outward Developer Diary Focuses in on the Importance of 'The Backpack'

The latest Outward video developer diary takes an unusual turn with its focus on the importance of an often-overlooked, but absolutely required piece of equipment: The Backpack. "The backpack is very emblematic of our game." the narrator says. "This piece of equipment will affect your experience as much as your weapon or your armor will."

Players will be able to choose from larger backpacks that allow them to carry most of the items needed for survival. Or they can pick a smaller, lighter bedroll and "live off the land". The difference is, of course, the weight of the pack. The heavier the pack, the more speed is reduced and dodging attacks becomes more problematic.

The video also reveals the game's four regions to explore that contain a wide array of enemies and creatures. Players will need to also be wary of weather effects as survival depends on it.

Additionally, the player’s map-reading skills will be put to the test. Exploring the corners of Aurai with nothing but a backpack provides a thrilling experience that can be described as the peak of adventuring! You decide if you want to travel light or not, but you will have to make sure you are able to adapt to your environment. Aurai has four distinct regions that you will need to navigate with the help of your trusty compass, your map, and your ability to locate landmarks. The game will not do that for you. Not to worry, though. With preparation, you will be able to overcome most challenges that OUTWARD will throw at you.

Outward is "a hardcore RPG that tempers fantasy elements with realism" and it's coming to PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC on March 26th.

Learn more on the Outward site.


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