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Open-World MMORPG Chimeraland Has Launched On Steam and Mobile Devices

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Open-World MMORPG Chimeraland Has Launched On Steam and Mobile Devices

Chimeraland, the open-world MMORPG from Level Infinite, has officially launched today across PC (via Steam) and mobile devices. The MMO leans into Eastern Mythology and legends, bringing players to a world of prehistoric creatures to survive.

Chimeraland brings players to an open-world where players can explore, craft and build across the multitude of continents, free of loading screens and borders. The title also includes an incredibly complex character creator featuring multiple race choices and the ability to fine tune everything about their look. 

What makes Chimeraland interesting is the ability to catch beasts that inhabit its open world inspired by Eastern mythologies, ranging from what the developers call "simple creatures to remarkable chimeras." These creatures can be used as companions, combined to create more powerful chimeras, or even devoured to absorb their power into the player themselves.

Via this morning's press release: 

"The vast, open world of Chimeraland is boundless; due to the spherical nature of the map, which consists of over 4,000 square kilometers for players to explore, delivering a true sense of freedom while discovering new creatures and locales. With four continents and the ability to take to the skies and outer space, players can even visit other worlds and encounter otherworldly creatures, or choose to build their home on a distant planet. Interactions with other players are not limited to a simple “hello”; rather, players can enjoy a fully developed social trading system where fellow adventurers become a significant part of the unfolding story."

You can check out the launch trailer in the embed above. Chimeraland is available on PC via Steam and on mobile on both Android and iOS.


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